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Art History

When Egypt came under the rule of the Hellenistic Greeks (323–30 B.C.) and later became part of the Roman Empire (after 30 B.C.), the snake became a fashionable jewelry motif. The snake had positive associations with Asclepius, a benevolent god of medicine and healing. Two main types of serpent jewelry are represented in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods: one suggesting a realistic snake, with a head and a tail, and a second type with two snake heads.



In the Museum’s collection is a gold snake ring from the Roman period (A.D. first century). Its sinuous body, patterned with delicate scales, features a finely wrought snake’s head and tail that the ancient goldsmith twisted to form the ring’s bezel. Our striking bracelet is adapted from this splendid Egyptian ring. 18K gold overlay. Made in the USA. Toggle closure. Inner circumference: 7 1/8”.



18K gold overlay

Made in the USA

Toggle closure

Inner circumference: 7 1/8”


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