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William Morris

A talented writer, designer, and administrator, William Morris (British, 1834–1896) was one of the most influential figures of the British Victorian era. In 1861, he and others founded the interior design firm of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, & Co. Calling themselves “fine art workmen,” they deliberately broke down the modern barrier between fine and decorative art, and established an equivalent to the cooperative guilds of the Middle Ages. The firm designed and produced a full range of household objects including stained glass, metalwork, furniture, and textiles. In 1875, the original partnership dissolved, and the firm was reorganized as Morris & Company, under Morris’s sole direction. In the next decades, Morris & Co. prospered both artistically and commercially, as its remarkable range of domestic and ecclesiastical furnishings and renowned craftsmanship made it a household name.

One of the founders of the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris (British, 1834–1896) designed beautiful, handcrafted household objects that elevated decorative pieces to the realm of fine art. Using nature for his inspiration, Morris sought to “turn a room into a bower, a refuge.” The English countryside, with its hedgerows and native field and garden flowers, served as his touchstone and is reminiscent in the carpet from the Museum’s collection on which this design is based. Nylon surface, with rubber base. 9”L x 7”W.

Nylon surface, with rubber base 9”L x 7”W


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